Mistake After Mistake

The brain is full of complex functions. Decision making may be more complicated then previous imagined. New research has shown that if you make a mistake, you are more likely to make another. In this study at George Mason University, 23 people took part in a test where they were presented with images of two circles. If the two circles were the same they were supposed to use one hand, if the two circles were different they were to use the other.

What this research found was that after making a mistake, the participants in the study were more likely to get the next task correct if given a few second to reorganize their thoughts. If granted with little to no time to gather their thoughts, they were more likely to make a mistake again. This in-fact showed a ten percent drop in accuracy if not given enough time to reorganize and gather their thoughts. The final results of the study showed that those who made mistakes tended to lose focus on the upcoming images, where as those who were correct tended to keep their focus on the upcoming images and once again choose the correct answer.

This study may not be good to show reactions for day to day tasks, but rather shows how decisions/choices when driving, playing instruments, fighting, or doing anything that requires quick judgment with little time to gather thoughts or bounce back from an error or scare can effect the outcome of what you choose to do next.


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