Zero Emissions! What?

With todays advanced technology, and well developed methods of producing energy, we finally have cars on the market that create zero emissions. This is not a typo, in fact the only kind of waste or by product these cars produce is water vapor. Talk about keeping it green. With companies like Toyota, Honda, and others creating such vehicles, could this truly become the vehicle for future generations?

These cars are powered by hydrogen gas and are commonly known as hydrogen gas fuel cell cars. With driving ranges of 250 to 370 miles per tank, these cars are not far off from your average gas engined car which has a range of about 400 miles per tank. Now while these hydrogen fuel cell cars are very similar in some ways to your average gas powered vehicle, there are some ways in which the two are completely different, especially in the Honda Clarity.

Some key major differences begin with the engine. The hydrogen gas fuel cell car does not have an engine, and in fact makes no noise whatsoever. With no noise or vibration due to the lack of an engine, the ride is smooth, quiet, and emission free. With the batteries stored under the seats and the fuel cells under the hood that actually generate the electricity from turning the gas into water, the car has a lot of space for carrying people and their cargo by the convenient planning of where to place all of these important parts.

With refueling being an important aspect to any vehicle, one must take into account the limited refueling stations for such cars, which are currently only available in the state of California, and purchasing the vehicle is not an option; only lease. With about 26 refueling stations in California, one cannot travel too far in order to remain in driving range of a refueling station.

So as we can see, with hydrogen gas fuel cell cars, the positive outcomes come with a price and a slight negativity to it. Would you really want to be limited to a maximum range of about 370 miles without refueling with hydrogen fuel, just so that you can “save the environment?” I guess in the end it is truly up to the consumer.


One thought on “Zero Emissions! What?

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